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Our privacy policy is meant to assist you in comprehending the information we collect from you whenever you visit our site, what we do with it, how we utilize it, and the security measures that we have in place. Our online web service uses the URL Shrinking service to shorten URLs. All users make use of a single API key for the creation of their shortened URLs. URL shortener stores the record of all shortened URLs and their statistics on their servers. Since all our shrinking service users share the same API key, an account of all users is easily accessible. No personally-identifying information is stored. No single user's history is available individually. Our clients’ information is released as a consolidated data for all users. This information could be accessed via the joint login and API key that is presented in your copy of At this juncture, it has to be reiterated that you can’t view the history of a single user. This URL shrinking service does not also cater for websites of adult contents or unlawful materials. By subscribing to our service and installing, you are in accord with this privacy policy.

Our Policy

This section gives precise explanations on your personal data which is provided to us or collected by us from you. This Policy may be updated; thus, it has to be frequently reviewed.

Gathered Information

We collect data on the frequency and times of your visits to the site. Your filled form also gives us the chance to store the input data. This information storage, however, does not necessarily imply that the entry data is stored. When contacting us, your message is also stored. We only collect all relevant information just to deliver your ordered service and fulfill your request(s) in real time.

Usage of Cookies

We may use different tracking and advertising options that place cookies in your browser. Such cookies are data files that are used to keep you logged in as a user. We use them to track your clicks and pass vital information while navigating on our site. This allows us to deliver an exclusive experience to you. We also do not store any personal data or relevant data which identifies you as a user in these cookies.

Utility of Information

None of your personal details will provide identifiable features. Also, our third-party advertising companies are carefully selected, and we only permit them to collect non-personal data alone. Thus, no personal information is divulged to any third party. Our link shrinking service will never reveal who or what you are. Your data is primarily required for statistical purpose and to ascertain that publishers do not engage in any illegal activity that could be of harm to you (especially regarding fraud).

Third Party Links

For our site links which might lead to other websites, you should be informed that these links have their privacy policies. So, you agree to such policies whenever you click on them. We are not responsible nor would we accept any responsibility for these third party links. In other words shall not be liable, whether directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss that is caused or alleged by or about the use of or reliance on any third party link or resource found on external sites.


As a visitor, if you have more questions or suggestions regarding this privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

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